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Frequently Asked Questions

It would be beneficial to have a moderately full bladder only if an Early Pregnancy Scan was done on the belly (trans-abdominally). However, at the Bansal diagnostic centre, we prefer to perform First Trimester Scans internally, transvaginally, and with an empty bladder for our Early Pregnancy Scan up to 10 weeks.

An ultrasound scan uses specialized equipment to send sound waves in the body and captures the returning waves to create images that are interpreted by a radiologist.

With ultrasound, there are no known significant risks. Ultrasound uses sound waves rather than ionizing radiation in X-rays.

There are two methods for carrying out an ultrasound scan:-

i) Trans-abdominal Ultrasound
From week 11 of pregnancy onward, the ultrasound probe is positioned on the lower abdomen to look at the developing fetus. A trans-abdominal probe is used in a gynaecology scan to image peripheral fibroids and to better assess whether anything is hanging off the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

ii) Transvaginal Ultrasound
A tiny ultrasound probe that rests on the cervix is only a few inches long and inserted into the vagina. The preferred scanning technique for an early pregnancy scan, when the baby is so small, is transvaginal because we get a better image before 10 weeks.

A 3D ultrasound technique uses ultrasound to create or render still pictures of your baby and details of the body or facial structures. A 4D ultrasound uses the latest software to combine a number of 3D images, which gives the impression of a moving 3D image of your baby.

Yes, we do. Ultrasound scans at Doctor Bansal Ultrasound and mothercare centre have been specially designed to deliver the newest HD-Live technology for those high-quality images.

A fetal well-being or FWB scan is a general scan. it can be done in any trimester of pregnancy. it is done to check the growth, weight, amniotic fluid level etc.

Your images will be examined by experienced senior MD radiologists. A doctor with extensive training in using imaging to diagnose disease is known as a radiologist.

Our receptionist will collect some basic details like your name, contact number, and address, will take your ID and fill out form F . Once this is done you will be brought to the sonography room at your turn to start your scan

In pregnancy, ultrasound dating is incredibly accurate, especially during the first trimester. According to studies, estimates of the due date made during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are typically accurate to within 3 to 5 days.

Usually within half an hour of it being completed.

In order to see how a baby is growing inside the womb, a pregnancy ultrasound or scan uses sound waves. These scans are performed periodically throughout the pregnancy, to track the growth and development of the fetus.

No, a pregnancy scan poses no risk to the unborn child. There is no evidence that ultrasound waves harm the mother or the fetus.

An ultrasound called a nuchal translucency (NT) scan is done between the eleventh and fourteenth weeks of pregnancy. This test is done to measure the nuchal fold, to determine its thickness. Nuchal fold thickness measurement aids in identifying your babys likelihood of having Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities. The likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities is influenced by the measurement of nuchal translucency, your age, the gestational age of your child, and the presence of a double maker.

In order to clearly see the uterus and ovaries, we need a full bladder, which moves the uterus into a better position and brightens the entire pelvis. Additionally, it moves the bowel and intestines out of the way.

We can finish the imaging in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of scan used. Depending on the babys position, more thorough scans might be necessary, which takes more time.

The USG test uses high-frequency sound waves to scan the body’s internal organs and assess their health. An ultrasound scan of the pelvis, which is done during a USG level II examination, provides a thorough view of the baby’s growth inside the mother’s womb. The scan shows the baby’s heart, stomach, brain, kidneys, spine, face, and other internal organs.

Between 7 and 11 weeks pregnant is the optimal time for an early pregnancy scan.

In pregnancy, ultrasound dating is incredibly accurate, especially during the first trimester. According to studies, estimates of the due date made during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are typically accurate to within 3 to 5 days.

For the purpose of counting the blood cells, a complete blood count test (CBC Test) is a collection of tests. It provides details about platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. It determines whether the blood cell count has increased or decreased. It is routinely carried out to gauge a patient’s general state of health. Doctor bansal diagnostic Centre is a leading diagnostic centre for all kinds of laboratory tests and consultations.